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The NEW Dynaudio Confidence, room Antwerpen, floor 1


Dynaudio Confidence 2018

Key technologies and what they do


The 2018 Confidence range features several new technologies. They’ve all been conceived, researched and perfected in Dynaudio Labs, the company’s R&D facility at its HQ in Skanderborg, Denmark. Here are some highlights…


New Esotar3 tweeter

The Esotar3 is the pinnacle of Dynaudio tweeter design. It’s an evolution of the renowned Esotar2 found in the Contour and previous Confidence series, and it incorporates (and improves on) the cutting-edge airflow-optimisation technology seen in the award-winning Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter.


The Esotar3’s rear cavity is much larger to lower resonance, damping has been further optimised, and there’s a super-strong neodymium magnet on board for greater sensitivity and control. The effect? Higher detail resolution, improved clarity and even better dynamics. Quite simply, it’s the best tweeter Dynaudio has ever made.


There’s also a special new component: the Hexis. This is a small inner dome that replaces the Esotar2’s felt ring for even greater control over resonances and to smooth out the frequency response.


DDC Lens

Previous floorstanding Confidence speakers had twin tweeters and an incredibly complex crossover to help form a sound beam that would reduce reflections from floors and ceilings. They all worked together – along with all the other components in the speaker – as part of a system called DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control).


Dynaudio Labs has refined the DDC philosophy for new Confidence. The latest DDC generation speakers need only one tweeter, and a far simpler crossover, thanks to the DDC Lens. It’s a complex precision-machined aluminium waveguide that hones the vertical audio image while maintaining wider horizontal dispersion than before.


The DDC Lens works in conjunction with the Esotar3, plus the speakers’ midrange drivers and woofers to greatly reduce unwanted resonances and focus the stereo image on the listening position.


NeoTec woofers

The Confidence’s all-new woofers use neodymium magnets for greater power, more finesse and improved dynamic range.


They have brand-new voice-coils that use up to three layers of glass-fibre for optimum stiffness, plus there are developments in airflow and venting (particularly in the bottom of the yoke) and clever use of aluminium or copper in the voice-coils across different models to make sure the moving mass is appropriate for that particular driver. Each model in the Confidence range has its own woofer design.


And, of course, they all use Dynaudio’s celebrated MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material – just as all the company’s woofers have done since 1977.


Compex Baffle

The Confidence’s signature baffle has been revamped. It’s now made from an advanced composite, Compex, that’s not only very light, but extremely strong, rigid and well-damped to absorb unwanted resonances. Lift one up and tap it, and you’ll hear that it’s acoustically very dead. Exactly as it should be.


The drivers are sandwiched around the baffle with gaskets. There’s an alloy mounting plate on the back containing the screws – which means the woofers are coupled and the tweeter and midrange drivers are decoupled as much as possible to avoid vibration.


The XXXX baffle has been developed, simulated and machined to work in tandem with the DDC Lens – so they both, along with the drivers and crossover, all mesh perfectly into the DDC philosophy.


Why composite? The MDF of the old Confidence’s baffle wouldn’t be able to handle the precise angles, curves and edges that the updated DDC technology demands. And this one won’t change over time – which means minimal servicing.


New midrange driver with Horizon Surround

The Confidence’s brand-new MSP midrange driver is a big departure from previous Dynaudio designs.


It has a radical surround design that follows the shape of the cone right to the edge of the driver. This reduces the diaphragm’s first resonant mode to effectively increase the playing surface area and improve performance. It also sits flush with the baffle to reduce diffractions from the diaphragm and the nearby tweeter.


Behind the scenes, the basket has been given a new lightweight organic design – one that’s come from extensive topology-optimisation simulations. It increases airflow, maintains its stability and rigidity and reduces weight simultaneously without sacrificing performance.


Updated design

The new bullet-shaped cabinets draw from the updated Contour range, upping the game with a seamless rounded shape all the way around the back. The WBT NextGen terminals are integrated in the plinth at the bottom, and the bass reflex port – an innovative design derived from the celebrated Consequence Ultimate Edition – is a hidden-down-firing design.


Because the port fires downwards, it can be made much wider and longer for greatly decreased port noise, higher output and lower tuning frequency. The result is a clean, powerful and articulate bass response without audible artifacts, even when the volume is turned up.


The clever dual-surface foot, meanwhile, keeps everything on the level regardless of the floor material – and it’s adjustable without tools, and without having to turn the speaker upside down.


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To discover Wilson Audio, come to room Athens 2, floor 1.


When we think about Wilson Audio, there is a strong propensity to get caught up in the company’s heritage. It’s easy to do. Wilson’s place in the industry and in the history of audio is formidable, even extraordinary. Wilson’s past is glorious, and it’s something most loudspeaker brands cannot claim. But for some, a rich heritage can be a crutch, and can be, somewhat ironically, a marketing hurdle. For Wilson, our perennial position as the high-end loudspeaker market leader can overshadow the simple fact that the company remains at the cutting edge of loudspeaker technology.




Wilson is very excited to introduce its fifth all-new loudspeaker in as many years: The Yvette.


As we launch our newest loudspeaker, the natural questions seem to be within the context of Wilson’s past models. This is understandable. Dave Wilson’s WATT/Puppy literally transformed the high-end loudspeaker market in the late eighties, and went on to be the best selling loudspeaker in the over-€10K category in history. The Yvette may also invite comparison to Wilson’s cult favorite, the Sophia. Again, this makes sense. For thousands and thousands of music lovers and audiophiles, Sophia was the first experience they had with Wilson. Sophia was treasured for her unique combination of musicality and accessibility with other traditional Wilson virtues, such as dynamic resolution and soundstaging. She was, above all else, easy-going and eminently lovable.


The new Yvette draws from this rich tradition. But, perhaps more importantly, it derives its core technology directly from the enormous research-and-development reservoir of what is perhaps Wilson’s most prolific era of innovation to date. Wilson’s latest Sasha Series 2, the Alexia, the leading-edge Alexx have all informed the Yvette project, in some cases, with identical components. And like the Alexx, the Yvette was developed alongside Dave Wilson’s new WAMM project.


Yvette is the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history.





Like all recent Wilson loudspeakers, the Yvette is the beneficiary of Wilson’s state-of-the-art composites research, the heart of which is the laser vibrometer. Beyond using the best enclosure materials, the Yvette’s architecture is driven by two factors: time-domain performance, and extremely low-resonance and vibration contribution.


The enclosure is built primarily from two Wilson-developed composites: the third generation of X-Material, an extremely well-damped and inert composite, and S-Material, which was developed for exquisite midrange performance.


The S-Material midrange baffle is angled to its own plane in order to optimize its time-domain relationship between the woofer below and the tweeter above. Wilson’s engineers designed a new venting system for the midrange enclosure, similar to those found on the XLF, Alexx, Alexia, and Sasha Series 2.


The tweeter baffle is built from X-Material, and, like the mid baffle, is optimized for time-domain performance and dispersion. The X-Material woofer baffle is also positioned optimally in the vertical array. As is true for the Sabrina, Alexx, and the upcoming WAMM, Yvette’s bass baffle angles back slightly toward the midrange for better dispersion accuracy in the upper bass, and more optimized time alignment between the woofer and midrange. The lowest section of the enclosure, below the woofer, changes direction again, and is perpendicular to the ground. This facilitates a smaller footprint when compared to the Sophia.


Bracing in this system is more ambitious and heroic than any previous single-enclosure system—another direct result of laser vibrometer testing. Even the tweeter grille design was scrutinized and meticulously designed, with a frame shape that reduces acoustic interaction.


Wilson’s exclusive resistor tuning system, located in an isolated chamber on the rear of the enclosure, can be accessed through a convenient cover on the rear of the loudspeaker. It features improved hardware and accessibility over that found in the Sophia 3.


The Yvette shape and overall aesthetic may call to mind the Sasha Series 2 and elements of the Sabrina. She is simple and organic, with sculpted lines that remind the viewer of the important function her shape serves.



In conjunction with the WAMM project, Wilson Audio recently completed yet another wave of research into tweeter technology and driver materials. Tweeters with domes constructed from beryllium and diamond—the seemingly ubiquitous choice of many loudspeaker engineers—were developed, tested, and rigorously compared to the latest version of Wilson’s Convergent Synergy Tweeter. While many of these designs held promise on paper, they all fell well short of the musicality, natural resolution, and coherence of Wilson’s tweeter.


The Yvette employs the MK III version of the Convergent Synergy Tweeter, which is also found in the Sasha Series 2 and the Alexx. The MK III features Wilson’s latest thinking on rear-wave diffraction and ultra-low resonance rear chambers. It mates seamlessly with Wilson’s proprietary midrange driver, which is the same unit found in the Alexandria XLF.


The ten-inch woofer chosen for the Yvette was (one of two woofers) originally developed for the Alexia, and is a cousin to the ten-inch in the Alexx and the upcoming WAMM. These newest series of bass drivers are partially responsible for Wilson’s unique blend of dynamic contrast, impact, speed, and musicality. When installed in Yvette’s bass enclosure, which was optimized for this driver in terms of volume and resonance control, it pushes the boundary of musical accuracy, extension, and dynamics for such a compact loudspeaker.

Time-Domain Performance:


While not adjustable in the time domain as are Wilson’s larger, modular designs, the Yvette benefits from Wilson’s patented testing protocols, and is uniquely time coherent for a single-enclosure design. Wilson continues to be the only loudspeaker company in the world that fully understands the musically deleterious artifacts caused by time-domain smearing endemic to all multi-driver systems, and has, for decades, ...



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The "6 Moons Lunar Eclipse Award" for the speaker Ilumnia Magister.


Congratulations to Tom Nuyts and his team for this remarkable work!


To discover the Magister, go to the New Music High-end Innovation. HiFi & Home Theater SHOW 2018, rooms 210 and 212, floor 2.


More :




To discover Dan D'Agostino, come to room Athens 2, floor 1.





No name is more closely associated with high-end audio amplifiers than that of Dan D’Agostino. During his career of more than 30 years, D’Agostino pioneered countless advances in the design of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, and surround-sound processors. He is known as the audio industry’s most passionate promoter of highquality, high-powered amplification. Makers of the world’s finest loudspeakers rely on D’Agostino-designed amplifiers for their most important demonstrations.


Dan D’Agostino was founder and chief engineer of Krell Industries through 2009. Now, he embarks on a completely fresh start with a new organization and new state-of-the-art designs. The products that bear his name not only achieve new levels of sound quality, they also look like nothing he has built before—more compact, more distinctive, and more living-room-friendly.


The new Dan D’Agostino products also reflect his concern for the environment—an attitude uncommon in an industry where some amplifiers consume hundreds of watts even when they’re not in use. Through innovative power-supply design, Dan D’Agostino products consume only the slightest trickle of power at idle, so they run cooler and save energy.


The greatest testimony to the quality of D’Agostino’s new project, though, is that his name—in fact, his very signature—graces the front of each and every Dan D’Agostino product. Everything he has learned in decades of design and engineering the finest audio equipment has gone into the Momentum.


As impressive as these designs may sound on paper, the only way you can truly appreciate their warmth, detail and unmatched beauty is to hear them at your nearest Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems dealer.



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To discover MBL, come to room 209, floor 2.

MBL Akustikgeräte – The Company.



Since 1979, MBL has played a major part in breathtaking developments in the worldwide audio sector. MBL accompanied and influenced the birth and growth of high-end audio equipment. Throughout the entire process, MBL was driven by its special goal: to be the cutting edge market leader in terms of technology and quality. There was a time when the “Radialstrahler” was only an idea on a sketch-pad. An idea that many people believed would not work, was turned into patent. Thirty years and countless awards later, thousands of audiophiles in the whole world are now closer to their beloved music than they had ever dreamt of.


MBL’s goal remains unchanged: developing the most advanced speakers and audio players worldwide plus the establishment of a standard above all competitors – with the highest possible demand on quality. Every single MBL component is man-made, from development and design to the manufacturing, testing and listening – from the idea to the finished product. It’s up to you, the music lover, to assess the result. Your judgement, your emotion when you listen to your favourite piece of music on one of our players, this is what counts at MBL. Let yourself be enchanted by music and the design of our music equipment – all our efforts are dedicated to music and to you.


Radialstrahler mbl 120 / mbl 120 RC


It is evident that with the new Radialstrahler mbl 120 the world of hi-fi has to rethink and let go of its prejudice that only huge and mighty speakers can present music in its full nature and relaxed sovereignty. The revolutionary loudspeaker concept was carried over to the mbl 120 from the bigger MBL-Loudspeakers and in result created a loudspeaker which stands for fascinating three dimensional and natural music reproduction. And this with an elegant design which adapts itself harmoniously in every high-quality home environment.


Center Speaker mbl 120 RC: A special center speaker version of the mbl 120 is available as well.



Uncompromising perfection for connoisseurs


With the NOBLE LINE of MBL you will encounter new worlds of sound inunimagined pureness and precision, without any compromise.


Extremely solid execution, application of optimal and successful technologies, precious and carefully selected materials, and last but not least the timeless compact design, are only a few highlights of this series. Arrange your individual configuration according to your preference and budget.


With close to 40 years of experience at creating world-class audio electronics and loudspeakers, our newest range of products, the Noble Line, adheres to the definition of “Made in Germany” in the truest sense. Each component is hand-built to the strictest of specifications in MBL’s own facilities near Berlin.



ROOM 208 - floor 2

Discover TAD at New Music High-end Innovation. HiFi & Home Theater SHOW, 24 and 25 november 2018.





Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TADL), grew from the sprit to discover technologies to perfectly recreate the pure sound of live performances with uncompromising craftsmanship. We inherited our philosophy from Bart Locanthi, recognized across the globe as the ultimate sound technologist. He believed that genuine technology is true to the basics and that genuine technology places greater importance on sound quality than on technology for its own sake. At TADL, we are honing our technology to create equipment that reproduces musical sounds and evokes both the energy and impact of life music.



  • We are working to optimize the pleasure and pride of ownership with the wonder and thrill of listening.


  • We are devoted to our high-level technologies and carefully craft each product by hand, even as the times, technology and audio environments advance.


  • We are innovating to effectively incorporate the latest materials and technologies in our basic design policies and concepts.


  • We are maintaining design quality to ensure long-term use, fusing Japan’s unique materials and technologies to improve artistic qualities.


  • We are actively promoting socially responsible activities for environmental conservation to balance consumption and production.


To discover KEF, come to room Athens 1, floor 1.

KEF announces new completely re-vamped R Series loudspeakers.



Globally-renowned audio pioneer, KEF, has announced the launch of its brand new R Series, a complete, top-to-bottom transformation of what was already one of the world’s most acclaimed loudspeaker ranges.

Boasting a hefty raft of technological innovations and design improvements, the new R Series draws on acoustic developments originally achieved in KEF’s flagship Reference Series, bringing authentically high-end design features and resulting high performance levels into this category for the first time. No fewer than 1043 individual changes have been made for the new R Series.



The latest, 12th generation of KEF’s Uni-Q driver is at the heart of the new range. As well as a redesigned motor system to improve the midrange, the area between the two drivers has been completely reimagined. The design of Uni-Q necessitates a narrow gap between the drivers, which can be excited by sound waves at certain frequencies. The new structure and damping system eliminates these resonances, resulting in an even more smooth, transparent and detailed treble performance than ever before.

The Uni-Q Driver array’s role as a waveguide is further expanded by KEF’s innovative ‘Shadow Flare’ trim ring design. The Shadow Flare is precision-designed to drastically reduce the diffraction effects that inevitably come from having a speaker with edges. This makes for a much clearer, more compelling and transparent sonic performance.


For the new R Series, KEF has completely re-worked the low-frequency drivers to improve performance still further, as well as managing to achieve this level of performance with smaller drivers than previously – enabling cabinets to be slimmer. The new bass drivers have greater excursion, as well as an improved low-distortion motor and a new, higher-rigidity cone. The result is a superb bass performance, with power, depth, speed and articulation in abundance.


The new R Series also utilises an ingenious internal bracing system called Constrained Layer Damping. Originally developed for the award-winning LS50, the system uses internal braces which connect to the cabinet panels via a lossy interface (as opposed to being fixed rigidly). This is hugely effective at dissipating unwanted vibrations.


Another highly effective innovation to be included in the design of the new R Series is the flexible port design. All the ports in the R Series speakers are precisely positioned, and feature innovative flexible walls, which prevent longitudinal resonances from colouring the midrange. KEF has also used computational dynamics to very precisely calculate the flare and profile of each port, ensuring that no unwanted resonances appear that might colour the low or midrange frequencies. The result is the elimination of unintended resonance – giving you the pure sound of the artist.


KEF’s R Series now also benefits from a completely redesigned, suede-like, microfibre grille design, which removes the performance-compromising thick frame of most speaker grilles. The grille utilises 1801 precision-cut holes for each driver, thus minimising the traditional compromise between great sound and driver protection.


The new R Series consists of the R11, R7 and R5 floorstanders, the R3 standmount, the R2c centre speaker and the R8a Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers. All the loudspeakers in the range come in three contemporary finishes: Black Gloss, White Gloss and Walnut.


Available from September, the new R Series displays KEF’s constant commitment to improvement and evolution in audio design. Using the very latest technologies and components to prevent unwanted resonances at every level of the loudspeakers’ design, the new R Series represents a new standard of performance at this level of the market.




To discover FINKTEAM, come to room 214, floor 2.

See you at the New Music high-end hifi show, 24 & 25 november 2018.



As an adjunct to Europe’s premier loudspeaker design consultancy, we at FinkTeam are involved in the creation of many different speakers across a wide range of prices. Loudspeaker manufacturers hire us because of our expertise, experience and extremely well-equipped simulation and measurement facilities. But we are ‘backroom boys’ and so much of our work is, in the nature of consultancy, confidential: only if the client elects to mention our involvement are we credited.

When we began work on designing a loudspeaker for ourselves, from the ground up and virtually without cost limitations, we envisaged it both as a demonstration of our capabilities and as a very useful internal reference. There was no intention that it would go on sale. We are loudspeaker engineers, not loudspeaker manufacturers – at least, not normally.



The result of our efforts, the WM-4, is the best loudspeaker we currently know how to make: the distillation of our wide, deep experience of designing loudspeaker drive units and loudspeaker systems, and marrying them into something even greater than the sum of its parts.



A year later and we have completed the design of Borg – a smaller more domestic room friendly loudspeaker. Yes, we know a great 10inch isn’t going to be better than a great 15inch for bass power and dynamics but for some a great 10 is all that can be accommodated.

We suggest that you get to listen to the Borg at your convenience, you may be surprised as just how musically revealing and fun it can be.





FinkTeam’s Borg is two-way floor standing design featuring a 10.25 inch high-power mid/bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.

Borg is a significant design exercise as knitting a 10.25 inch mid/bass, albeit an extremely fine one, with a HF unit is never easy. To combine the two drivers to achieve a flat frequency response and, more importantly, a slow even mid/HF roll off in the power response is a significant feat of engineering. There is no off-axis hole in the middle effect.

Borg is designed as a more domestic friendly loudspeaker than the WM-4. Borg’s low frequency tuning is designed to deliver weight and drama to music but without making it a total diva when it comes to room positioning.



More information :


To discover ISOTEK, come to room 214, floor 2.

See you at the New Music high-end hifi show, 24 & 25 november 2018.


IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems.


Our highly specialised mains conditioners actively clean the power obtained from your wall sockets before it reaches your hi-fi or audio visual system, and our range of power cables further enhance this improvement. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems, delivering significant upgrades in performance at competitive prices.


IsoTek products are enjoyed by more than 100,000 customers in over 45 countries, and have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.


IsoTek was born with a singular aim: to create a better solution to the problem of poor mains quality, which restricts the performance of audio systems, through rigorous research and genuine innovation.


Today, our products supply clean, fully optimised power to all manner of audio and AV equipment, from amps and source components to TVs and projectors, enhancing performance and protecting valuable equipment.


The company’s founder and managing director is Keith Martin, a man whose vision has led to hundreds of awards from respected audio critics worldwide.

Clean Power, Pure Sound... The first input into any audio or AV system is electricity. It flows through the system, utilised by each component in turn to create the signal that eventually moves the speakers’ drive units or delivers the pixels on-screen. What we see and hear is ultimately fashioned from, and by, mains electricity – it is the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created.


The mains supply is distorted by numerous factors as it travels from power stations to be distributed throughout our homes, eroding the performance of high-quality audio and AV systems. As the electronic devices we use proliferate and the demand for electrical power intensifies, the quality of the electricity we feed our systems continues to slide.


The escalation of mains-borne ‘noise’ means that the need for IsoTek’s clean-power technology has never been greater. ‘Differential mode noise’ is especially exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many modern devices, from computers to kitchen appliances. ‘Common mode noise’ is ever-increasing thanks to wireless networking in the home, with mobile phones, wi-fi and Bluetooth bathing us in a sea of airborne interference.


The quality of electricity we feed our audio and AV systems has a profound effect on performance, and that’s where IsoTek’s unique clean-power solutions come in. Without IsoTek, you are only accessing around 80 per cent of your system’s full potential, at best.





IsoTek’s EVO3 Genesis One is a highly compact state of the art full sine wave generation system, taking techonology from IsoTek’s Ultimate Series Genesis.

The product is ideal for front end components up to a maximum of 100W from the single rear outlet.  Multiple Genesis or Titan Ones can be linked together and positioned side by side on an equipment support rack using the “link cable”.  This avoids the need for multiple power cables from wall sockets for every unit.


A total of six Genesis or Titan Ones can be positioned side by side to create a rack width unit.

Genesis One is housed in an extruded and machined aliminium chassis with fully functional display showing in-coming voltage, THD and mains frequency and out-going voltage, THD and power consumption.





The IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius is an innovative rack width power conditioner (cleaner) that can dramatically upgrade a full system.

Essentially Aquarius is six power conditioners in one chassis, with each outlet having its own dedicated filter network. Thus Differential Mode noise created by connected electronics cannot cross contaminate to the next output socket.

There are two high current outlets, rated at 16A, (3680VA / 230V) suitable for power amplifiers, active loudspeakers or sub woofers and four medium current outlets for the remaining items in your audio or home cinema system.

The medium current outlets auto sense the requirements of the load based upon power draw, thus a projector (typical 300W) can be plugged in next to a CD player (typical 35W) and both will have an auto adjusted correct level of filtration.

Housed in a rack width steel and aluminium chassis Aquarius is high quality design yet highly functional.





EVO3 Ascension takes IsoTek’s power cable designs and technical innovations to a new level.

This unique design consists of deep cryogenically treated silver plated Ohno continuous cast copper conductors, wrapped in a dielectric of air, with partial FEP contact, before a further extruded FEP sleeve seals the construction. Each of these individual conductor assemblies are wrapped in Mylar with a further OFC shield before being given a slight rotational twist with FEP tubes of air.

Ascension drops the noise floor to an inky black level, opens the soundstage with holographic images, air and space and unparalleled micro dynamics. Astonishing.





EVO3 Initium is IsoTek’s new entry level power cable designed to offer high quality performance at an extremely fair price. Initium is a must for replacing all of your free standard black plastic power leads which have been designed down to a price not up to a quality.



More information :


ROOM 138 - floor 1



It sound like a revolution


AudioNec's range of product is partially renewed in 2018 with the V5 Music Server, the AAD2 Signature amplifier and the new Speakers, the small Nova V2, the Crystal V2, the Diva V2 and the new Diva XL V2 Flagship Speaker.



More :


Room Antwerp/Anvers, floor 1




Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.


Sound is our number one priority

We have no needs for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.


We always strive to be authentic

We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as the musical instrument would be playing in your room.


More :


Stand Lobby 5 and 2 - floor 0

Pro-Ject, Box•Design by Pro-Ject and Musical Fidelity


Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by Heinz Lichtenegger 1990 in Vienna, with the idea that analogue playback is the most cost-effective way to listen to music of audiophile quality. Inspired by the concept of supporting analogue in the face of the digital onslaught, Pro-Ject Audio Systems became one of the most powerful driving forces in reinventing analogue turntables for the hifi market. Today, Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader in the

manufacture of quality hi-fi turntables, as turntables are once again accepted as a must have for every concerned music lover. Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ products are exported to almost 80 countries world-

wide and is the recipient of nearly every award in the audio industry.


Since 2006, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been bringing its idea “less is more” mission to the digital world. Inspired by the new possibilities of the iPod and high-quality music reproduction from a PC or laptop, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has designed a complete new and revolutionary range of micro high-end Hi-fi components under the family name BOX DESIGN. Starting with the smallest audiophile amp in the world, with open and euphonic sound, Pro-Ject Audio Systems now produces all of the components of traditional hi-fi systems including CD players, tuners, phono amps, headphone amps and switching modules, as well as digital products such as docking stations, D/A converters and streamers to connect with the PC wired or wireless.


BOX DESIGN regards itself as the ‘next generation of hi-fi’ - the link between the micro sized hardware of the IT world and the big boxes of the audiophile world. All products, except for speakers and headphones, are

designed and produced in Europe. Pro-Ject: Simple to use, high quality sound, astonishing value, long term stability and good service.


More :


ROOM 218 - floor 2

Terrason Audio present Vivid Audio, MOLA-MOLA, AUDEZE headphone and QUESTYLE


Vivid Audio


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ROOM Sydney - floor 1




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ROOM Sydney - floor 1

DALI Loudspeakers + Bluesound


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ROOM Séoul - floor 1

We will demonstrate a High-End set with several NEW products


Golden Ear Technologie Loudspeakers







We have a special show offer !


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ROOM Athens 2 - floor 1

Reference Sound present Wilson Audio, JBL and Mark Levinson



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ROOM Athens 1 - floor 1




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ROOM 203-205 - floor 2

PIONEER - Onkyo - Teac



ROOM Barcelona - floor 1

Discover Mcintosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber and Avid turntable




The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949. Glass front panels, Output Autoformers®, Blue Watt Meters and Power Guard® are some of the innovations that enhance our product longevity.


More :






Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating manufacturers in American audio. The company was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with one goal in mind: to advance the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Today, Audio Research remains a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design. New product introductions are driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance -- the HIGH DEFINITION that is the hallmark of the company's products. The company has grown steadily over the last 40 years, with a network of top audio specialist retailers across North America and distributors throughout Europe, Asia and South America. The company occupies a 48,000 square-foot, technically-advanced production plant and administrative headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, where approximately 50 technical, assembly and support staff guide the product line from concept to finished goods.


More :





Sonus faber is today part of the product portfolio of Fine Sounds Group, the holding company of the brands Audio Research, leader in the production and sales of audio electronic components High-Definition Vacuum-Tubes (valves) and Solid State, Wadia Digital, one of the first companies dedicated to high-performance digital audio playback, which has been at the forefront in technology for Apple iPod and iPhone docking stations, Sumiko, importer and distributor of the best audio components in North America; Fine Sounds Group has recently purchased McIntosh Laboratory, the most important American producer of high fidelity systems, world leader in prestigious home entertainment systems and for over 60 years in highest quality audio systems.



With these important acquisitions, result of the entrepreneurial project of Mauro Grange (CEO of Sonus faber and Fine Sounds Group), Sonus faber together with its American 'sisters' makes up one of the world's largest groups in the High-End sector, , namely the market of the most sophisticated and prestigious acoustic speakers and audio electronics in the world


The recent acquisition of McIntosh, based in Binghamton - NY, is for End Sounds a "marquee investment" whose strategic objective is to offer products that are the best in the world in their category. Fine Sounds Group employs 270 staff.


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ROOM Stockholm - floor 1



Performance meets style


3-way floor standing speaker


Be surprised by Kanta, highly original speakers that will reconnect you with your music. Entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and with a resolutely disruptive aesthetic: that, in a nutshell, is the Kanta DNA! It took three years of research and development to create this model, Kanta No. 2, the first in the range. With their new materials and effectiveness-focused design that give them their powerful identity, they come straight from our engineers' hearts.


Focal offers a hitherto unknown amalgamation of technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers. The result is precise, detailed sound brimming with warmth and musicality. This is the start of a new era for those who love sound...



Marriage of materials

Beryllium and Flax


For the very first time, a Flax sandwich cone speaker has been combined with a Beryllium tweeter. Flax is the answer to the low mass/rigidity/damping equation, leading to sound clarity and precision. This unique Flax/Beryllium combination gives music incredible warmth and musicality. Made in France, this patented flax membrane has already proven itself in Focal home and in-car speakers. The midrange speaker uses TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) suspension, and every Kanta speaker is also equipped with an NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) driver, which stabilises the magnetic field for perfectly defined sound and better controlled bass.




High Density Polymer


Everything is designed and made to create acoustic softness and warmth: the density and stiffness of the baffle and shell materials, softened angles and double vents. The baffle is made of a new material to suit the acoustic parameters. It is moulded in one piece from high density polymer (HDP). This material has excellent performance: it is 70% denser than MDF, 15% stiffer and provides 25% more damping. The one-piece baffle totally eliminates any sound diffraction. Kanta incorporates Power Flow technology with two vents, on the front and rear faces, to limit bass compression.



New tweeter

Distortion is the enemy


Focal's research is geared towards reducing distortion in every register. With Kanta, the treble register is reproduced by a new pure Beryllium tweeter. This IAL3 tweeter combines the principles of IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) tweeters, both of which help with the absorption of waves, thus lowering the tweeter frequency.



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ROOM 210 and 212 - floor 2



The Ilumnia Magister speaker features the world’s first electromagnetic floating cone driver. No spider, no surround.


This featherweight floating cone with electromagnetic suspension is ultra fast, more than 99% linear and virtually distortion-free.


Because there is no spider and no surround, none of the energy of the music signal is absorbed by these components and the signal is translated into movement without any loss.

This results in the most detailed and natural sound today available in high-end music reproduction.


It took 7 years to complete the whole project.


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ROOM 142 - floor 1

Acoustics Signature - Primare and Audio Physic



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ROOM 216 - floor 2

Discover Genelec and Foster with XLR



Creativity requires the best tools. Genelec's range of studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring applications from large broadcasting and post-production studios to audio production in small studio environments. Genelec professional studio monitors provide an accurate sound reproduction with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality – a quality that you can always trust.


Home Speakers

Imagine listening to your favourite music in the privacy of your home with a sound as clear and precise as if you were in a concert hall. Drawing from thirty-five years of experience in professional audio monitoring Genelec is delighted to present the Genelec G Series – a range of home speakers that combine the best sound quality, unique, minimalistic design, and ease of use.


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Fostex, DAC and headphones


HP-A8mk2 DAC Headphone Amplifier


HP-A8MK2 is a DAC headphone amplifier with high efficiency, high-quality sound. You can enjoy high-quality digital audio signals from your computer or from a digital audio player.



TH900mk2 Premium Stereo Headphones


Model TH900mk2 is the second generation of the TH900, one of the most renowned premium dynamic headphones in the market, which newly features detachable connectors for replace-ment of the standard unbalanced cable (equivalent to model ET-H3.0N7UB). The optional balanced cable, model ET-H3.0N7BL will also be sold separately to meet growing demands for balanced connection with various headphone amps offering balanced 4-pin XLR out.


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ROOM ZINC - floor 0


Magico M6 and Nagra,

ultra high-end with

Symphony Audio !


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ROOM 206 - floor 2

Fantastic association with John Watkinson Legend, Evo 432 and Antelope..


John Watkinson LEGEND

Precision Sound Reproducers

are a new technology based on study of human hearing. After a decade of deve- lopment, they now address all known detection mecha- nisms in the human ear and take into account the way our brain deals with periodic and aperiodic sounds in rever- berant environments. This results in the ability to repro- duce both periodic and aperiodic sounds in a stunningly realistic and natural way, and additionally to reduces listening fatigue.


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ROOM PARIS - floor 0

Discover Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel,


600 Series

Storied sound for every moment.



The most powerful 600 Series speaker



603 speaker in Bowers & Wilkins new 600 Series features our Continuum™ cone technology, developed over an eight-year period and first featured in our 800 Series Diamond models. Fill your home with beautiful Bowers & Wilkins sound.




Our larger bookshelf speaker delivers big sound



Whether it’s on a bookshelf or stand, 606 speaker in the new 600 Series from Bowers & Wilkins transforms your space with pristine sound. Our Continuum™ cone technology, eight years in the making, creates a pure and precise soundscape.




Our smaller bookshelf speaker fills your space with pristine sound



Our 607 speaker in the new 600 Series from Bowers & Wilkins transforms your home with pristine sound. The smaller of our bookshelf speakers, it fills your space with beautiful Bowers & Wilkins sound. Our Continuum™ cone technology, eight years in the making, creates a pure soundscape.



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A stereo system can be something as simple as an integrated amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers connected to your smartphone. Or, it might be something larger and more sophisticated – a stereo preamplifier with on-board Digital-to-Analogue convertor, multiple independent sources including a turntable, a CD player, a network music player and powerful separate amplifiers for bi-amping full range floorstanding speakers. Simple or sophisticated, Rotel manufactures a wide range of high-performance, high-value audio components that deliver all of the passion and detail the artist intended.


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STAND - floor 0

Belram present Supra cable, Atohm, Atoll, SSC


If you really want to have an extremely clean current and a sound filled with dynamics, harmonics and timbre, you must try the Supra Cable DC-Blocker !


Supra LoRad DC-Blocker - Removes up to 3.6 VDC from the mains power AC


Now, Supra Cables has taken yet another step to minimize the impact from malicious elements like DC (Direct Current) superimposed on the mains AC (Alternating Current) in most modern households and industries!


DC voltage derives from a number of electrical appliances and will cause an offset on to you alternating mains power. This offset is the result of electrical devices that do not equally load the AC positive and negative phase. In the ideal mains power supply there should be no DC-offset at all. Refer to figure below and picture.


This DC offset limits the power supply efficiency in most multimedia and hifi equipment and causes transformers to saturate (the iron core). It increases iron core heat build-up and may even cause transformers to sound with a humming noise. Finally it may prolong life of the equipment by means of lowering the heat dissapation inside the device. The sonic impact is in most cases quite dramatic and again it will scale off audible sounds that do not come from the recording. You will listen to music, movies but not to your mains power irragularities.


Again Supra Cables is leading the way by offering a very efficient DC-blocker stopping DC up to 3.6 Volt making it future proof also for next generations of electrical consumers giving DC-offset. It is very easy to add-on to your existing power feed. It does not require protective ground to operate, but we strongly recommend it for a number of other reasons. Your equipment will sound much better and all other Supra mains power devices in the LoRad product range will work ideally.


Again Supra Cables have launched a product that in comparison costs a fraction (see big American companies).


We do not spend on bling, just bang for the buck. Our No-Nonsense strategy means that almost all hifi enthusiasts will afford a Supra Cable Product, making exactly the same benign impact.


It is rated 16 Ampere and consequently allows for 3,680 Watt of power. The connection cord is optional and we recommend our Supra Lorad Mains Cord rated for 16 Ampere for optimal operation. Note that the DC-blocker input connector is rated 16 Ampere.


N.B. The filter will not dampen any dynamics. When the sound is much cleaner and tighter after the filter is connected, sometimes listeners perceive the dynamics to be reduced. When there is a difference in music and sound reproduction that will remove parts not really belonging to the source, this is a quite common reaction. On the contrary, bringing down the noice from the equipment will undoubtedly increase dynamics and often substantially reduce the duration of e.g. a bass pulse. Now it will most likely be possible to hear every tone in the bass range, also from each tuned drum skin.


Important! When connecting and disconnecting the Supra DC-filter, follow this procedure. Pull the mains cord connector from the wall socket. Wait until all power LEDs have gone out from the stand-by position. Now you can connect the existing mains power cord to the filter, connect the optional mains power cord to the filter and finally connect it to the wall socket. When disconnecting, always start with wall socket and wait until all connected devices LEDs go out. By doing this you make sure that no electrical charge remains in any of the devices or in the DC-blocker.



Features and benefits


Removes DC from AC mains - Silence noise floor substantially

Tighter bass reproduction - Outstanding beat from drums, bass and percussion

Reduces transformer hum - No irritating noise from the devices

Reduces power supply heat dissapation - May prolong life span

Filters up to 3.6 VDC - Added capacity for future demands

No dampened dynamics - Audible true dynamics

Correct reference voltage - Substantially reduced harshness from DAC chips

Made in Sweden! - According to Supra Cables No-Nonsense strategy


Price : 460 €


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