From 13 to 17 november, play & win, with New Music High-end Innovation show, Classic 21 - RTBF, JAYS Headphones, DALI Loudspeakers, Bowers & Wilkins, Bluesound and Pro-Ject Audio Systems.


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Qobuz, the world leader in Hi-Res 24-Bit download at New Music High-end Innovation.


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Room 140, floor 1


New Q Acoustics range at New Music High-end Innovation show 2017.

Q Acoustics is a multi-award winning hi-fi brand, which was founded by experts in the audio industry with the sole aim of developing a highly successful loudspeaker brand. It has been 10 years since Q Acoustics was founded, and in every year since we have continued to drive innovation and develop multi-award winning products.


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Room Antwerp/Anvers, floor 1


Discover Musical Fidelity, Audium, Scansonic and NuPrime Audio at New Music High-end Innovation show 2017.

Great room with Audio Plus and Dimex.


Musical Fidelity represents the best of British hi-fi. We’re proud to have won worldwide praise from our earliest amplifiers to our latest digital designs; every one expertly engineered – as our name promises – for natural, authentic sound.


We combine 30+ years of audio expertise with the latest technical innovations to create powerful hi-fi separates offering exceptional performance, superb build quality and excellent value for money.


Our unique ranges embrace both traditional and modern means of hi-fi, from vinyl-boosting phono stages via bit-perfect CD players through to unique solutions for music-streaming and ultra-high-resolution downloads – all backed by powerful, state-of-the-art amplifiers.


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AUDIUM - we don't cling to old concepts!


Since its foundation, AUDIUM has challenged conventional design, resulting in astonishing discoveries!


Innovative, unique in appearance and full of ideas - this is AUDIUM. New perspectives lead to innovative solutions. Instead of re-evaluating the established level, we have been searching for the optimum in sound. The solution that came along the way:

the combination of a small 3" high end full range driver with an integrated subwoofer.


Let us surprise you ! One thing for sure - you WILL be surprised !


We do not break appart and rearrange the music. We maintain the music - in one complete piece and reproduced by one speaker. For a music reproduction without breaks.


A completely newly developed full range driver is the heart of the new AUDIUM loudspeakers. The sound is not broken up and distributed to several different drivers for bass, mid and high frequencies like in a classical loudspeaker design.


One single driver reproduces the complete audible range. Everything is radiated from a single source. Homogenous and coherent. Supported by an integrated down firing woofer for the lowest frequencies. For sound without limitations.


The woofer is also different! It has an oval shape. New ideas replacing old-fashioned ones. Why oval? Think of it and the answer becomes clear. An ideal ratio from the membrane area to required space, and a fundamental higher stiffness of the membrane.


And there's more! Power Move, Neodymium magnets, Diffusors ....

Not interested in the technicalities? Then simply relax and enjoy the sound, full of emotion, flow and timing !


Design and quality that seduces. Why shouldn't good things be beautiful ? Just a thought...


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Dantax A/S was founded in 1971 on building high quality hi-fi loudspeakers. Many things have changed since the start in the early 70's - and today Dantax A/S has evolved into a competitive international company, offering a wide range of own "in-house" Danish designed and developed hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers, tabletop radios and hi-fi products under the Scansonic™ brand that matches consumers' preferences with regard to modern functional design, quality and attractive pricing.


The Scansonic™ brand has a long history.


The world-famous high-end loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer ScanSpeak in Hørning, Denmark, created the Scansonic™ brandname in 1970 for a newly-developed line of excellent boxed Hi-Fi loudspeakers. In 1977 Dantax A/S acquired ScanSpeak. The entire production and manufacturing line was moved to Pandrup in the north of Denmark, and a separate ScanSpeak company was established, where the production of the world famous loudspeaker driveunits could be continued. In the Hi-Fi world ScanSpeak loudspeaker drive units were considered to be in a class above the rest, mainly due to the incorporated patents, the Hexagonal voicecoils and the Symmetric Drive. Bang & Olufsen had a royalty agreement with Scan Speak and used these patents in their loudspeakers for a number of years.


In 1985 the new ScanSpeak factory was destroyed in a fire. However, production was quickly re-established in new premises in Aabybro, Denmark. The demand from Hi-Fi purists from all over the world for the ScanSpeak high quality loudspeaker drive units continued, and after some years Dantax A/S received an offer from Videbæk Loudspeaker Factory (VIFA) for the whole ScanSpeak operation, and they took over. Today ScanSpeak still exists as a Danish loudspeaker drive unit factory.



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NuPrime Audio aims to achieve greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.


In 2014, NuForce’s cofounder, Jason Lim, with backing from the OEM factory, bought the assets of NuForce’s high-end division, obtained the rights to NuForce technologies, and formed NuPrime Audio, Inc (no relations to Optoma who acquired NuForce in 2014).

Under the leadership Jason Lim, NuPrime has assembled a design team comprised of talented engineers who are expert in audio amplifier and switching-power circuit designs.


NuPrime, having acquired NuForce’s high-end product line, has since introduced a series of superbly engineered yet affordable audio components. In 2015, for the first time in high end audio history, NuPrime has received four Product Of The Year awards from two prestigious magazines The Absolute Sound and SoundStage! Network. NuPrime aims to achieve yet greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.


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Stand Lobby 5, floor 0 and ROOM 142 - floor 1

Pro-Ject, Arcam, Box•Design by Pro-Ject, Cabasse, QED, Quadral, Sunfire, Creek, Trigon Electronik


Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by Heinz Lichtenegger 1990 in Vienna, with the idea that analogue playback is the most cost-effective way to listen to music of audiophile quality. Inspired by the concept of supporting analogue in the face of the digital onslaught, Pro-Ject Audio Systems became one of the most powerful driving forces in reinventing analogue turntables for the hifi market. Today, Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader in the

manufacture of quality hi-fi turntables, as turntables are once again accepted as a must have for every concerned music lover. Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ products are exported to almost 80 countries world-

wide and is the recipient of nearly every award in the audio industry.


Since 2006, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been bringing its idea “less is more” mission to the digital world. Inspired by the new possibilities of the iPod and high-quality music reproduction from a PC or laptop, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has designed a complete new and revolutionary range of micro high-end Hi-fi components under the family name BOX DESIGN. Starting with the smallest audiophile amp in the world, with open and euphonic sound, Pro-Ject Audio Systems now produces all of the components of traditional hi-fi systems including CD players, tuners, phono amps, headphone amps and switching modules, as well as digital products such as docking stations, D/A converters and streamers to connect with the PC wired or wireless.


BOX DESIGN regards itself as the ‘next generation of hi-fi’ - the link between the micro sized hardware of the IT world and the big boxes of the audiophile world. All products, except for speakers and headphones, are

designed and produced in Europe. Pro-Ject: Simple to use, high quality sound, astonishing value, long term stability and good service.


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ROOM 218 - floor 2

Terrason Audio present Vivid Audio, MOLA-MOLA, AUDEZE headphone and QUESTYLE


Vivid Audio GIYA G4 S2


In a world where space is increasingly at a premium and the task of accommodating large loudspeakers is undeniably challenging, the Vivid Audio team have been busy preserving the qualities of the original Giya G1 in increasingly diminutive enclosures. Now the range is joined by the G4 which packs all the unique features of the Giya principles into an enclosure just 1m in height.

Such a move was only made possible through the design of two new drivers, the C100S for the low mid-range, which retains the focussed field radial magnet of its larger predecessor, and the C125L long throw bass driver which uses the extended gap design used in the rest of the Giya range complemented by a novel ’maximum diameter surround’ to give the greatest mechanical throw for the given diameter of cone and chassis.


Exceptional purity through the mid and high frequencies is assured by the combination of the D50 and D26 aluminium magnesium alloy and carbon fibre dome drivers. With their patented catenary domes these two units deliver a high frequency performance to well beyond the range of human hearing. Exponential tapered tube loading behind every driver, including the bass, assures a crisp resonance-free delivery of the whole audio band.


Some have questioned if such a small loudspeaker can truly be considered part of the family but G4 embodies all the essential features without compromise and delivers a result that is completely worthy of carrying the name of Giya.


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ROOM Séoul - floor 1

We will demonstrate a High-End set with several NEW products


Golden Ear Technologie Triton Reference Loudspeakers

dCS Rossini D/A Converter

dCS Rossini Clock

Aurender W20 Network Streamer/Server

PassLabs XP22 Preamplifier

PassLabs XA100.8 Mono Power Amplifiers

Shunyata Sigma, Alpha en Delta, Denali 6000T/2000T, EU7

Basscontinuo Aeon 2, Accordion Ade black Amp stand 2x (bandora) Audio Rack


We have a special show offer ! Surprise us with your visit and get your personal discount voucher.


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ROOM Sydney - floor 1

News NAD Electronics series, NAD T758v3, NAD C328, NAD C268, NAD C558


T 758 V3 - A/V Surround Sound Receiver.


A performance update to our award-winning T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver, the T 758 V3 continues NAD’s ‘simple is better’ design philosophy by delivering a fluid user-friendly experience. Dedicated to creating products with remarkable sound quality, the T 758 V3 fully embodies all the traits one would expect to find in an NAD product. From lifelike surround sound performance to heart thumping power, the T 758 V3 is a true treat for the senses. Employing NAD’s proprietary MDC technology, the T 758 V3 ensures that your home system is ready for future upgrades and features. With reach-out-and-touch-it 4K UltraHD video, the T 758 V3 offers a vivid and engaging presentation when it comes to the latest in digital video technology. Complete with AV presets that are yours to customise, the T 758 V3 gives you total control of what you hear and how you see it. Furthermore, the T 758 V3 uses advanced technology like the NAD AV Remote iOS app to make your smartphone a remote control. Heightening the way you hear and watch your favourite movies and songs, the T 758 V3 is a must-have for home audio systems everywhere.



NAD C 328 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier


For 45 years, NAD Electronics has introduced aspiring audiophiles to the vast world of hi-fi. From our flagship Masters Series, to our budget-friendly Classic Series, NAD has a component for everyone. Following in the footsteps of some of NAD’s greatest units, the NAD C 328 delivers the most fundamental of features, while firmly adhering to NAD’s unwavering commitment to exquisite sound. The C 328 can wirelessly connect to any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth®-enabled device within range, to give you a seamless listening experience. Featuring a MM phono input, the C 328 breathes new life into vinyl LPs, thanks in part to NAD’s innovative Hybrid Digital™ amp technology. The C 328 also features a headphone amplifier, letting you connect your favourite headphones and settle back into your own world of detailed sound. Although more modest in comparison to other Classic Series amplifiers, the C 328 will fit perfectly into your existing system and bring you the musical nirvana you’ve been searching for.



NAD Intros New Classic Series Stereo Power Amplifier: C 268 at New Music High-end Innovation show 2017


Latest Amplifier Offers Multiple Performance Applications Including Powerful Bridging Mode.



C 558, new NAD Turntable


Throughout our rich 45-year history, NAD Electronics has been offering high performance turntables at unbelievably stellar prices. A component that critical listeners can applaud for its musical quality, and one that almost anybody can afford, the NAD C 558 is a full-featured, belt-driven model targeted for record enthusiasts everywhere. Pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge, the C 558 features a belt drive for maximum noise isolation, as well as a precision AC motor with isolated AC power supply that has universal voltage. Complimented by a glass platter with felt pad, a MDF plinth, and a low resonance dust cover, the C 558 delivers an outstanding listening experience unlike any other.


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ROOM Sydney - floor 1

DALI Loudspeakers + Bluesound = Calisto. HiFi and multiroom audio all in one.

DALI CALLISTO - Belgium premiere at New Music High-end Innovation !


The perception of Hi-Fi is changing!

Navigating complex electronics and hassling with cables is alien to many starting out in Hi-Fi today. They seek the pure enjoyment of listening to their favorite music on high quality speakers, but are struggling to find systems that fulfill their passion for high quality audio and at the same time offer the convenience they have become use to.


Our new wireless DALI CALLISTO speaker system is specifically made to bridge this gap by fusion the virtues of traditional Hi-Fi with clever innovative technologies.

The wireless speakers connect to an essential part of the system, the DALI Sound Hub, via a 24 bit/96 kHz connection. A multitude of standard inputs – all with auto detect – ensures that any audio device can be connected; be it via Bluetooth, optical, analogue or coax. The Bluetooth remote will reach the Sound Hub even if it is hidden away in a cabinet. All the user has to do is press Play.


Every part of the speaker system is created by DALI. In our continued quest to improve quality control, tolerances and audio quality, we now often manufacture in-house. This has allowed us to design and develop woofers and tweeters alongside the amplifier to create the perfect match. By controlling the entire signal path, we have managed to design the drivers in a way that is just not possible in traditional passive speakers.


The speakers are designed around a 6½” wood fibre woofer with an advanced SMC magnet motor system and a hybrid tweeter module (in both models) consisting of a 29mm ultra-light-weight soft dome tweeter and a high-performance ribbon tweeter. The drivers are fed by a powerful dual channel 300W Class D amplifier connected directly to the drivers. Delivering a transparent, detailed, coherent and well-timed audio experience above and beyond anything else available at this price point.


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ROOM Athens 2 - floor 1

Reference Sound present Wilson Audio and Mark Levinson


November. Almost time for the annual New Music High-End Innovation show in Brussels. We have already made reservations for our ‘small’ truck to transport the mighty combination of Mark Levinson and Wilson Audio for our demo room. Something we are really looking forward to!


We will introduce the new Wilson Audio series 2 in the ‘Athens 2’ room – a Benelux premier. The Alexia 2 is Wilson Audio’s latest creation bringing a big evolution over the already amazing Alexia series 1. Changes both visual and internal bring the Alexia 2 a big step closer to David and Daryl Wilson’s ideal where optimized performance of the time domain is the crucial design factor. Rendering music with an unparalleled level of reality and transparency creating the illusion of really listening to the live event itself. A quality that is unique to Wilson Audio, especially when combined with the neutrality and endless power of Mark Levinson.


Experience the power of being there and learn all about these beautiful performers during the New Music High End Innovation show in Brussels on Saturday 18 and Sunday the 19th of November.


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ROOM Athens 1 - floor 1



KEF introduces LS50 Wireless ‘Nocturne’ by Marcel Wanders.

Globally-renowned design studio Marcel Wanders collaborates with British audio pioneer KEF to produce stunning Special Edition of 2017’s game-changing lifestyle audio system

Kent, England – 17th October 2017 – KEF has announced the launch of an exciting Special Edition of its highly-renowned LS50 Wireless Digital Music System – the LS50 Wireless ‘Nocturne’ by Marcel Wanders.


Admired globally for its bold, innovative and holistic design, Marcel Wanders has created ‘Nocturne’, a stunning special edition of LS50 Wireless. The inherently circular nature of KEF’s Uni-Q driver and musical notation symbols subtly blend with unique architectural and rhythmic elements to create a sophisticated design. Selected elements of the design can be discovered to glow in the dark. The LS50 Wireless ‘Nocturne’ by Marcel Wanders lends a vibrant luminous visual quality and magical atmosphere to its surroundings. This sensuous aesthetic quality sets it apart from any other music system; making a lasting and memorable experience.

"There is an orchestrated tempo to this medley. By allowing for individual discovery of the musical elements, the design possesses a distinctive rhythm all on its own.” Marcel Wanders says.


Gabriele Chiave, creative director at Marcel Wanders, adds, "We wanted to honour the nocturnal concept. The eloquent depth to the light and dark shades, textures and patterns allude to what you would experience in a dream-like state.”


Based on the original LS50 Hi-Fi speakers – which won countless awards and accolades around the world for their exquisite sound performance – KEF LS50 Wireless is consistent with KEF’s mission to bring exceptional levels of audio quality to contemporary music lovers who require seamless harmony between their devices. By offering a comprehensive set of high quality wireless connectivity options: 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi Network connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 aptX LS50 Wireless delivers the highest possible quality of wireless music transmission, delivering both high performance and seamless compatibility with the digital devices used by today’s consumers.


KEF’s world-renowned Uni-Q driver technology places the tweeter in the exact acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone, so that both act as a single point source that disperses the sound more evenly throughout the room than any rival speaker.


The LS50 Wireless system uses a 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path throughout, and a dedicated DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) for each channel, ensuring optimal sound quality.


Having significantly increased usability for consumers by dispensing with the need for external amplification – while keeping sound quality at exemplary levels – KEF hasn’t stopped there.

LS50 Wireless is truly an audio product for our times, and one that is changing expectations of what can be achieved in terms of blending wireless streaming, compact and beautiful design, and high-level audio performance. With the LS50 Wireless ‘Nocturne’ by Marcel Wanders, a visionary new aesthetic design – musical, rhythmic and sculptural in nature – has been added to create a magically compelling audio system like no other in the world.


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ROOM 203-205 - floor 2

Stream Services


Discover the high-end Home Theater,



Video surveillance,

GSM amplifier,

Wifi amplifier,


External sound system,

with our highly specialized partner "Stream Services"..


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ROOM Barcelona - floor 1

Discover Mcintosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber and Avid turntable




The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949. Glass front panels, Output Autoformers®, Blue Watt Meters and Power Guard® are some of the innovations that enhance our product longevity.


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Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating manufacturers in American audio. The company was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with one goal in mind: to advance the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Today, Audio Research remains a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design. New product introductions are driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance -- the HIGH DEFINITION that is the hallmark of the company's products. The company has grown steadily over the last 40 years, with a network of top audio specialist retailers across North America and distributors throughout Europe, Asia and South America. The company occupies a 48,000 square-foot, technically-advanced production plant and administrative headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, where approximately 50 technical, assembly and support staff guide the product line from concept to finished goods.


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Sonus faber is today part of the product portfolio of Fine Sounds Group, the holding company of the brands Audio Research, leader in the production and sales of audio electronic components High-Definition Vacuum-Tubes (valves) and Solid State, Wadia Digital, one of the first companies dedicated to high-performance digital audio playback, which has been at the forefront in technology for Apple iPod and iPhone docking stations, Sumiko, importer and distributor of the best audio components in North America; Fine Sounds Group has recently purchased McIntosh Laboratory, the most important American producer of high fidelity systems, world leader in prestigious home entertainment systems and for over 60 years in highest quality audio systems.



With these important acquisitions, result of the entrepreneurial project of Mauro Grange (CEO of Sonus faber and Fine Sounds Group), Sonus faber together with its American 'sisters' makes up one of the world's largest groups in the High-End sector, , namely the market of the most sophisticated and prestigious acoustic speakers and audio electronics in the world


The recent acquisition of McIntosh, based in Binghamton - NY, is for End Sounds a "marquee investment" whose strategic objective is to offer products that are the best in the world in their category. Fine Sounds Group employs 270 staff.


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ROOM 204 - floor 2

Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1, "The Best headphone of the world"


In 1991 we created the best headphones in the world. We called them Orpheus. Now, we have done it again. The uncompromising philosophy remaining, this is Sennheiser HE 1. In otherworldly sound and timeless beauty. Perfectly engineered. Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology.


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ROOM Stockholm - floor 1



Performance meets style


3-way floor standing speaker


Be surprised by Kanta, highly original speakers that will reconnect you with your music. Entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and with a resolutely disruptive aesthetic: that, in a nutshell, is the Kanta DNA! It took three years of research and development to create this model, Kanta No. 2, the first in the range. With their new materials and effectiveness-focused design that give them their powerful identity, they come straight from our engineers' hearts.


Focal offers a hitherto unknown amalgamation of technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers. The result is precise, detailed sound brimming with warmth and musicality. This is the start of a new era for those who love sound...



Marriage of materials

Beryllium and Flax


For the very first time, a Flax sandwich cone speaker has been combined with a Beryllium tweeter. Flax is the answer to the low mass/rigidity/damping equation, leading to sound clarity and precision. This unique Flax/Beryllium combination gives music incredible warmth and musicality. Made in France, this patented flax membrane has already proven itself in Focal home and in-car speakers. The midrange speaker uses TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) suspension, and every Kanta speaker is also equipped with an NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) driver, which stabilises the magnetic field for perfectly defined sound and better controlled bass.




High Density Polymer


Everything is designed and made to create acoustic softness and warmth: the density and stiffness of the baffle and shell materials, softened angles and double vents. The baffle is made of a new material to suit the acoustic parameters. It is moulded in one piece from high density polymer (HDP). This material has excellent performance: it is 70% denser than MDF, 15% stiffer and provides 25% more damping. The one-piece baffle totally eliminates any sound diffraction. Kanta incorporates Power Flow technology with two vents, on the front and rear faces, to limit bass compression.



New tweeter

Distortion is the enemy


Focal's research is geared towards reducing distortion in every register. With Kanta, the treble register is reproduced by a new pure Beryllium tweeter. This IAL3 tweeter combines the principles of IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) tweeters, both of which help with the absorption of waves, thus lowering the tweeter frequency.



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ROOM 208 - floor 2



The Ilumnia Magister speaker features the world’s first electromagnetic floating cone driver. No spider, no surround.


This featherweight floating cone with electromagnetic suspension is ultra fast, more than 99% linear and virtually distortion-free.


Because there is no spider and no surround, none of the energy of the music signal is absorbed by these components and the signal is translated into movement without any loss.

This results in the most detailed and natural sound today available in high-end music reproduction.


It took 7 years to complete the whole project.


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ROOM Suite 138 - floor 1



Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.


Sound is our number one priority

We have no needs for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.


We always strive to be authentic

We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as the musical instrument would be playing in your room.


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ROOM 216 - floor 2

Discover Genelec and Foster with XLR



Creativity requires the best tools. Genelec's range of studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring applications from large broadcasting and post-production studios to audio production in small studio environments. Genelec professional studio monitors provide an accurate sound reproduction with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality – a quality that you can always trust.


Home Speakers

Imagine listening to your favourite music in the privacy of your home with a sound as clear and precise as if you were in a concert hall. Drawing from thirty-five years of experience in professional audio monitoring Genelec is delighted to present the Genelec G Series – a range of home speakers that combine the best sound quality, unique, minimalistic design, and ease of use.


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Fostex, DAC and headphones


HP-A8mk2 DAC Headphone Amplifier


HP-A8MK2 is a DAC headphone amplifier with high efficiency, high-quality sound. You can enjoy high-quality digital audio signals from your computer or from a digital audio player.



TH900mk2 Premium Stereo Headphones


Model TH900mk2 is the second generation of the TH900, one of the most renowned premium dynamic headphones in the market, which newly features detachable connectors for replace-ment of the standard unbalanced cable (equivalent to model ET-H3.0N7UB). The optional balanced cable, model ET-H3.0N7BL will also be sold separately to meet growing demands for balanced connection with various headphone amps offering balanced 4-pin XLR out.


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ROOM ZINC - floor 0

Great classic high-end with Music2 !


With Marc van den Hul of the van den Hul company, we will show the big bhc 1743 loudpeakers, van den Hul amplifiers, cartridges and cables. A Dr. Feickert Firebrid turntable with Reed 5T arm and maybe we will play some Reel2Reel mastertapes just for fun.


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ROOM 206 - floor 2

Fantastic association with John Watkinson Legend, Evo 432 and Antelope..


John Watkinson LEGEND

Precision Sound Reproducers

are a new technology based on study of human hearing. After a decade of deve- lopment, they now address all known detection mecha- nisms in the human ear and take into account the way our brain deals with periodic and aperiodic sounds in rever- berant environments. This results in the ability to repro- duce both periodic and aperiodic sounds in a stunningly realistic and natural way, and additionally to reduces listening fatigue.


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The widest DSD and PCM Support


The Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC supports up to DSD128 (Double-DSD) and 384kHz, 24-bit streaming to a custom-designed, ultra-low jitter USB connection, as well as AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK PCM support.


The DSD features include a unique 256X up-sampling mode where DSD64 and DSD128 are

up-sampled to DSD256, thereby releasing the true potential of DSD – delivering new standards in accuracy, transparency, imaging, and dynamics.


The unit compliments the high-resolution PCM inputs with switchable 64-bit precision 8x linear phase upsampling using a dedicated FPGA and Independent dual DACs per channel to eliminate crosstalk and improve dynamic range and linearity.


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432 EVO introduces all new 432 EVO MASTER at High-End München 2017


The 432 EVO MASTER is 432 EVO’s first music server with our own power supply in a dedicated matching enclosure.


New: more storage, de-blur and improved superclock performance


Just like our current AEON flagship, the new MASTER is equipped with a dedicated superclock board, software jitter tuning and optional 432 Hz post processing, for which 432 EVO has become famous. With our MASTER model, the clock now has a dedicated linear power supply which greatly improves sound quality.


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ROOM PARIS - floor 0

Discover Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel, Marantz


The new headphone PX, noise cancelling wireless headphones.


PX combines incredible sound with adaptable noise cancellation, 22-hour battery life and intuitive controls that respond naturally to your behaviour.



The new 700 series S2

Studio sound comes home. Bring the breathtaking clarity and definition of studio sound home with the new 700 Series. Replacing the CM Series, the range combines studio-grade 800 Series Diamond technologies with purpose-built innovations to elevate home audio to an entirely new level. And all this from room-friendly cabinets designed to fit beautifully into your home environment. The new 700 Series. Inspired by recording studios. Made for living rooms.


Brochure (pdf file)


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A stereo system can be something as simple as an integrated amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers connected to your smartphone. Or, it might be something larger and more sophisticated – a stereo preamplifier with on-board Digital-to-Analogue convertor, multiple independent sources including a turntable, a CD player, a network music player and powerful separate amplifiers for bi-amping full range floorstanding speakers. Simple or sophisticated, Rotel manufactures a wide range of high-performance, high-value audio components that deliver all of the passion and detail the artist intended.


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Marantz dedicated to detail and music


is book has been specially prepared for lovers of music. People who are passionate about listening to pure emotion.


Not everyone can experience this passion. Some people only hear music.


Only the gifted ones can feel it. Only the gifted can be swept to a di erent place, a di erent time. And only the most gifted of people can understand the importance of this passion.


is book also features a special collection of Marantz maestros – four ultra-high performing audiophile-grade ensembles, dedicated to giving you pace, power, emotion and pure, breath-taking audio quality. And more... because they are all dedicated to detail.


e four Marantz maestros featured in these pages have all been designed, upgraded, and ne-tuned to make the very most of the latest no-compromise “lossless” Hi Res formats. Formats that provide intensely rich sampling frequencies that far out-strip anything that has gone before.


Never before has so much audio detail been available for people passionate about music. And never before has so much been prepared to ensure you enjoy every drop of that detail. Be prepared for detail. Be prepared for elegance.

And above all, be prepared for sensation.

because music matters.


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STAND - floor 0

Belram present Supra cable, Atohm, Atoll, SSC


If you really want to have an extremely clean current and a sound filled with dynamics, harmonics and timbre, you must try the Supra Cable DC-Blocker !


Supra LoRad DC-Blocker - Removes up to 3.6 VDC from the mains power AC


Now, Supra Cables has taken yet another step to minimize the impact from malicious elements like DC (Direct Current) superimposed on the mains AC (Alternating Current) in most modern households and industries!


DC voltage derives from a number of electrical appliances and will cause an offset on to you alternating mains power. This offset is the result of electrical devices that do not equally load the AC positive and negative phase. In the ideal mains power supply there should be no DC-offset at all. Refer to figure below and picture.


This DC offset limits the power supply efficiency in most multimedia and hifi equipment and causes transformers to saturate (the iron core). It increases iron core heat build-up and may even cause transformers to sound with a humming noise. Finally it may prolong life of the equipment by means of lowering the heat dissapation inside the device. The sonic impact is in most cases quite dramatic and again it will scale off audible sounds that do not come from the recording. You will listen to music, movies but not to your mains power irragularities.


Again Supra Cables is leading the way by offering a very efficient DC-blocker stopping DC up to 3.6 Volt making it future proof also for next generations of electrical consumers giving DC-offset. It is very easy to add-on to your existing power feed. It does not require protective ground to operate, but we strongly recommend it for a number of other reasons. Your equipment will sound much better and all other Supra mains power devices in the LoRad product range will work ideally.


Again Supra Cables have launched a product that in comparison costs a fraction (see big American companies).


We do not spend on bling, just bang for the buck. Our No-Nonsense strategy means that almost all hifi enthusiasts will afford a Supra Cable Product, making exactly the same benign impact.


It is rated 16 Ampere and consequently allows for 3,680 Watt of power. The connection cord is optional and we recommend our Supra Lorad Mains Cord rated for 16 Ampere for optimal operation. Note that the DC-blocker input connector is rated 16 Ampere.


N.B. The filter will not dampen any dynamics. When the sound is much cleaner and tighter after the filter is connected, sometimes listeners perceive the dynamics to be reduced. When there is a difference in music and sound reproduction that will remove parts not really belonging to the source, this is a quite common reaction. On the contrary, bringing down the noice from the equipment will undoubtedly increase dynamics and often substantially reduce the duration of e.g. a bass pulse. Now it will most likely be possible to hear every tone in the bass range, also from each tuned drum skin.


Important! When connecting and disconnecting the Supra DC-filter, follow this procedure. Pull the mains cord connector from the wall socket. Wait until all power LEDs have gone out from the stand-by position. Now you can connect the existing mains power cord to the filter, connect the optional mains power cord to the filter and finally connect it to the wall socket. When disconnecting, always start with wall socket and wait until all connected devices LEDs go out. By doing this you make sure that no electrical charge remains in any of the devices or in the DC-blocker.



Features and benefits


Removes DC from AC mains - Silence noise floor substantially

Tighter bass reproduction - Outstanding beat from drums, bass and percussion

Reduces transformer hum - No irritating noise from the devices

Reduces power supply heat dissapation - May prolong life span

Filters up to 3.6 VDC - Added capacity for future demands

No dampened dynamics - Audible true dynamics

Correct reference voltage - Substantially reduced harshness from DAC chips

Made in Sweden! - According to Supra Cables No-Nonsense strategy


Price : 460 €


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ROOM 210 - floor 2

Discover the new Primare product at New Music High-end Innovation 2017


For over thirty years, Primare has been designing and producing award-winning hi-fi components that exemplify honest integrity and timeless design. Every Primare product reflects a commitment to Scandinavian ideals such as lagom – the sense of true satisfaction that comes from balance and harmony. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.


With a modular, environmentally conscious approach that complements core values of lasting quality, ease of use, and deeply satisfying performance, Primare effortlessly delivers today’s ever-expanding music and visual experiences in all their richness and variety, whether the source is analog or digital, wired or wireless, stored or streamed.


This spring 2017, we are pleased to announce three exciting new Prisma products, for delivery late summer and early fall – the first of many more to come: I35 Prisma integrated amplifier, with new UFPD 2 amplification technology; CD35 Prisma CD player; and I15 Prisma integrated amplifier – all incorporating Primare’s new connectivity and control technology, Prisma.


Primare – the sound and vision of Scandinavia



The I15 Prisma integrated amplifier is a compact, full-featured system control and power center, providing 75 watts per channel, digital to analog conversion with PCM 768kHz and DSD 256 capabilities, as well as complete digital media access and system management by way of the Prisma connectivity and control technology. The I15 Prisma continues a Primare tradition of delivering astonishing performance from compact and elegant devices for easy installation into virtually any living environment. With the three-quarter-sized cabinet of the I15 Prisma, even greater possibilities open up for providing the highest quality music performance and access to any and every room in the house.



The I35 Prisma integrated amplifier is the latest iteration of Primare’s now iconic 30 Series integrated amplifiers and is the first to use the new UFPD 2 power system, a radical reworking of Primare’s award-winning UFPD all-analog Class-D technology

– a power platform that realizes the full potential of Class-D technology. Providing 150 watts at 8 ohms of absolutely linear amplification across the entire audible bandwidth, the I35 Prisma delivers naturally fast, clean and agile sound with an unprecedented ability to bring music to life. In addition to fully balanced analog input options, the I35 Prisma includes a full-featured DAC stage enabling PCM 768kHz and DSD 256 conversion, as well as Prisma connectivity and control technology.



Also available: I35 – analog only inputs, without DAC or Prisma; I35 DAC – analog and digital inputs, without Prisma.


A state-of-the-art TEAC cd drive and Prisma connectivity and control technology combine to create in the CD35 Prisma CD player a complete digital music source. The all-new DAC stage, utilizing a superb-sounding ESS Sabre chipset for conversion of music files up to PCM 384kHz and DSD 128, feeds a finely tuned balanced analog output stage. Each component part of the CD35 Prisma – the drive, the DAC, the output stage, and Prisma connection and control – contributes to what is simply the best CD player Primare has ever offered.


Also available: CD35 – CD player only, without Prisma.


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ROOM 207 - floor 2

As a first for the Belgian market we present you the latest creation from Aries Cerat, the integrated Genus amplifier.


The Genus is a Single Ended Triode 2-stage design with a single 813 tube in DHT on the output stage and a single E280F tube at the input stage.

This amplifier has a power rating of 25 Watt but it sounds more like a much more powerful transistor amplifier coupled with the unique timbral quality, soundstaging and (micro-)dynamics so typically associated with triode designs coupled with a very resolved bass response. This is largely due to its oversized current reserve (900 Joule) and capacitance (500.000 µF) which are exceeding many much larger transistor behemoths.

The Genus is equipped with various input possibilities including RCA, XLR and a Home Theater by-pass feature. Very worthwhile to mention that on the output also a headphone connector is foreseen that sports a High/Low impedance selector making it suitable for any type of headphone.


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ROOM 207 - floor 2

Ultisone is happy to present the Stenheim Alumine TWO stand mount speakers for the first time in Belgium.


The Swiss brand Stenheim monitor speakers are modest in dimension but their full-aluminium construction and amplifier-friendly specifications give them a breathtaking sound with a lot of openness and timbral accuracy without any fatigue. With an in-room sensitivity of 93 dB and an impedance load of minimum 6 ohm, they can be powered by as little as 10 Watt thus allowing to ‘voice’ the speakers to every listener’s system and preference. The Alumine TWO has an extremely rigid aluminium casing but the exterior wall can be gotten in various finishes. The pair on display will have the beautiful Macassar wood finish and their original stands which allow hiding the speaker cables. Beside their sonic virtues, it must be said that their visual aspect make them easy to integrate in any room and their configuration makes them easy to position, even close to a wall.


The Stenheim Alumine TWO will retail at a price of 12.500 EUR (VAT incl.). More :


The most recent review of this Stenheim speaker can be found here:


ROOM 207 - floor 2

Ultisone will be present in room 207 at the New Music High End Innovation show with the Advanced model which will be placed beneath the Genus, the newest integrated amplifier from Aries Cerat.


Ultisone is happy to announce it has become the distributor for the polish brand Stacore for its passive anti-vibration platforms. These platforms are a passive design and integrate a self-regulating pneumatic decoupling mechanism that is effective down to 3 Hz.

The importance of a good decoupling of our cherished audio equipment is widely known but till now all the existing solutions were specializing in a certain frequency range and none, unlike Stacore, were able to manage to isolate the whole frequency spectrum. The typical passive decoupling feet and platforms are mostly good at isolating higher frequency vibrations whereas the active platforms are particularly good at isolating the lower frequency band but Stacore now combines both into one solution. The effect on the music reproduction is multi-fold as not only will you be able to hear a much improved soundstage width and depth, but equally more resolution throughout the audible spectrum and a more natural and non-fatiguing musical experience.

Stacore platforms have a maximum admissible weight ranging from 65 to 160 kgs, enabling them to be used in combination with the even most robust amplifiers and turntables on the market. More :



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