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Room Athens 2 - floor 1, Reference Sounds presents the Dan D’Agostino Relentless and Wilson Audio ALEXX at New Music High End Audio Show!

Our passion for perfection is reflected in everything we do. Driven by our unstoppable desire to create the ultimate musical experience, proudly presenting our world class products.

The New Music High End Audio show has always been special to us and we have been working hard to make this one extra special. Bringing together some of the finest products we have to offer in a truly unique audio system:
Wilson Audio ALEXX loudspeakers accompanied by two Wilson Audio THOR’s HAMMER subwoofers will demonstrate full range dynamics like only a Wilson Audio can. Even the finest detail will be revealed using the Dan D’Agostino Momentum HD Pre-Amplifier while Dan D’Agostino’s greatest Masterpiece ever will deliver every note with breathtaking power and realism – yes, we will present you the Dan D’Agostino RELENTLESS Mono Power Amplifiers.

Weighing over 250kg’s each, delivering 1500Watts @ 8 Ohm this amplifier is a work of art that needs to be experienced to believe it. And you will surely experience it at Reference Sounds – Athens 2!

Room Sydney - floor 1
The new Bluesound POWERNODE 2i (with HDMI)

Wireless Multi-Room Music Streaming Amplifier

The amp reinvented. The POWERNODE 2i is the streaming amplifier that merges several traditional components into one and unlocks a world of high-fidelity streaming. Effortlessly driving your choice of speakers with the same zero-distortion audio signature Bluesound has become known for, the POWERNODE 2i takes your favorite tracks to new levels. Permission to turn it up, granted.

Easily drive your existing pair of premium speakers
HybridDigital™ amp and DAC technologies ensures flawless playback with precision and clarity.

60 Watts x 2 into 8 ohms of HybridDigital™ power.
HDMI (ARC & eARC) connectivity.
Featuring digital and analog input/output options, headphone stereo mini jack, subwoofer RCA mono.

Access and stream Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library to multiple Bluesound Players.
Create and control a seamless multi-room system with the intuitive BluOS Controller app.

Connect Bluesound to your Amazon Echo with the skill in the Alexa app and use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to control Players around the home.
AirPlay 2 lets you play music or podcasts from wireless stereo components throughout your house — all in sync.

Enjoy streaming hi-res audio files with no skips or delays, in every corner of your home, with advanced dual band WiFi, providing best-in-class performance even in crowded airspace. In addition, the POWERNODE 2i supports state-of-the-art aptX HD Bluetooth, allowing you to stream studio quality music to wireless headphones and speakers, complete with dedicated volume controls. With your input choice of analog, optical and now HDMI ARC, connecting audio to the POWERNODE 2i has never been easier.

Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, the POWERNODE 2i gives you infinite playback choices to rule your sonic domain. With the ability to connect to a CD player or turntable, the POWERNODE 2i ensures that your physical music collection continues to thrive. Easily stream your favorite tracks from the source of your choice and hear it anywhere in the home.

Room 204 - floor 2
Welkom to IsoAcoustics

IsoAcoustics is the award winning solution for decoupling loudspeakers, year after year.

When a speaker is placed on a hard surface, secondary internal reflections result. Any artifacts of this smear that is similar in the two channels is perceived to be in the center, causing the sound stage to collapse.

The GAIA series of isolators eliminates this smear resulting in a larger 3-dimensional sound stage.

At the show we will demo the effect of IsoAcoustics decouplers in an A/B comparison.

Room 142 - floor 1

Primare - A Network Player for Everyone!

NP5 Prisma is a clever little device that provides complete Prisma control and connectivity technology to virtually any system with a digital input.
Incorporating all the multi-room/multi-zone network player functionality found in our award winning Prisma models, NP5 Prisma includes AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, Roon*, and Spotify Connect, as well as network hard drive control using the Prisma application.
Specifi cally designed to be small enough to slip into any system, both stereo and multi-channel, NP5 Prisma represents the simplest solution for incorporating the latest stored and streamed digital media playback features.

For more about NP5 Prisma and other Prisma products, go to

Our materials science research in the properties and applications of carbon allows the M2 to feature a new monocoque enclosure. Similar in construction technique introduced in the M6, it is formed using multiple layers of carbon fiber adding up to a 3/8” thickness. Similar to the external shell of an F-35 fighter jet, this enclosure construction compared to machined or extruded aluminum parts increases the structural strength-to-weight ratio by a factor of 60, while reducing overall weight by 50% and yielding outer dimensions that are 30% smaller without compromising internal volume. The curved interior and exterior walls minimize internal standing waves and eliminate external diffractions.

An internal three-axis matrix framework along with three tension rods running front to back internally contribute to an extremely rigid enclosure which eliminates unwanted resonances and colorations, allowing all drivers to perform with stunning resolution and dynamics. All four drivers in the M2 are acoustically integrated using Magico’s exclusive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology (24 dB Linkwitz-Riley) that includes state-of-the-art components from Mundorf of Germany.

A purpose built sub-enclosure formed of a proprietary polymer material houses the midrange driver to optimize the control and articulation of mid-band frequencies and provides protection from the massive back wave pressure of the bass drivers. Midrange sub-enclosures using different shapes, sizes and materials have been implemented throughout the history of Magico 3-way loudspeaker designs.

The M2 incorporates the Diamond coated Beryllium diaphragm tweeter (28-mm) used in the M3 and M6. The optimized geometry and the Diamond coating on the Beryllium aligns the acoustical properties closer to perfection without adding extra weight of a full Diamond dome, this revolutionary tweeter design offers a near perfect weight to stiffness ratio that is unmatched in the industry. The new tweeter provides extra-long excursion movement and uses a neodymium based motor system that is customized to match the sensitivity and power handling capabilities of the M2 while maintaining ultra-wide dispersion characteristics and ultra-low distortion measurements.

Magico is the world’s first manufacturer to utilize graphene in the development of a radically new and advanced loudspeaker cone design. Graphene has many extraordinary properties and is approximately 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. The newly designed Magico six-inch midrange and seven-inch bass driver cones found in the M2 are both manufactured using Multi-Wall carbon XG Nanographene and an ultra-stiff proprietary new carbon weave which is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than previous cone material we used in Magico loudspeaker offerings.

Two seven-inch M2 bass drivers are vertically aligned to achieve ideal room integration and reproduce the lowest registers of bass frequency with speed and accuracy. The M2 bass drivers are optimized for minimal music related distortions in the frequency and time domain using the latest state-of-the-art FEA simulation.

ROOM SEOUL - floor 1
We will demonstrate a High-End set with several NEW products

Gauder Akustik, first presentation at New Music High-end Innovation show

  • Gauder DARC 100 Double Vison with Diamond tweeter loudspeakers NEW
  • Aurender W20SE Special Edition Network Streamer/ Server NEW
  • dCS Vivaldi DAC 2.0 Stereo D/A Converter
  • dCS Vivaldi Master Clock
  • MOON 7 40P Preamplifier
  • MOON 820 S Power Supply
  • MOON 860A v2 Power Amplifier NEW
  • Shunyata Sigma lnterconnect & Loudspeaker Cables
  • Shunyata Sigma & Alpha Clock Cables NEW
  • Shunyata Sigma Ethernet & USB Cables NEW
  • Shunyata Denali 6000T Power Distributor
  • Shunyata DF-SS Cable Elevators
  • Bassocontinuo Ghironda 2.0 Sonus Faber Edition NEW

Special guests :

Our manufacturers: Lorenzo Belloli (Bassocontinuo), Liam Davison (dCS), dr. Roland Gauder (Gauder Akustik) and Costa Koulisakis (MOON) are present for all your questions, or just for a chat.

ROOM PARIS - floor 0

Bowers & Wilkins introducing The FORMATION SUITE


Formation DUO

The first wireless speakers system that provides wired fidelity, wirelessly*. The Duo features the same industry-defining Continuum cone technology found on our 800 Series.

Formation WEDGE

Fill any room in your home with superior high-resolution 96/24 bit stereo sound. With a unique 120-degree casing, a full-range of stereo components and our proprietary Formation Wireless technology experience the Highest Form of Sound.

Formation BAR

Experience a truly immersive audio and video experience with this powerful soundbar featuring 9 optimized drive units and a dedicated center channel so you always feel like you're in the center of the action.

Formation AUDIO

Stream music in 96/24 bit high-resolution sound to your passive system or turn most passive components into part of a Formation multi-room audio system.

Formation BASS

Add a new dimension of powerful sounding bass to your music and movies with our opposed dual driver technology and Dynamic EQ. The Formation Bass pairs with other Formation speakers for the ultimate audio immersion.

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