With RTBF radio Classic 21 #Classic21

Room Private Zinc - floor 0, Savor Audio presents the incredible Sonus Faber Lilium with McIntosh C2700 + MC2 KW, Lumin X1 streamer and Audioquest cables.

Strength and grace. Dynamics and melody. Full and empty. Sweetness and impetuosity.
Strong contrasts, seemingly opposites, that coexist in Music.


The idea of the dual curvature of the cabinet sides, firstly conceptualized with the Sonus faber and evolved in Aida, is here enhanced thanks to a new design that reinvents the ``lyra`` outline merging two separate identities that cooperate inside the same shape.


Ideas and patents developed within the Sonus faber, at first, and Aida, later, are integrated into this extraordinary loudspeaker system. The driver units technology, designed and developed by Sonus faber, sets a step forward in the technological innovation.


Lilium appearance reveals its essential duality, characterized by two separates acoustic chambers.
The challenge of this projects is to achieve a new unique synthesis starting from an ontological division.

You will often come back to visit the Private Zinc Room.

You will discover many creations of McIntosh, Thorens, Sonus Faber and Lumin brands.

It will be an incredible room for the fans of very beautiful material.

First presentation for Thorens TD1600

Thorens range

Lumin range

McIntosh range

Sonus Faber range

ROOM Antwerpen - floor 1
Discover, Marantz, Denon and the NEW range Classé Audio Delta.

- Classé Delta Mono
- Classé Delta Stereo
- Classé Delta Pré

Overview :

Stereo Pre-Amplifier
A one-box preamp/DAC for highest performance from every source.
• USB types A and B, Ethernet, AES/EBU, Coax, Optical, Balanced and Single-ended analog plus both RCA and XLR

• Internal MM/MC Phono stage
• Optional HDMI switching
• Subwoofer output(s) w/gain and phase
• 9-band parametric EQ per channel
• Tone Controls with Tilt and adj. Freq.

2-Channel Power Amplifier
Designed to take control of even the most difficult loudspeaker, effortlessly making it sound exactly as
it should.
• 250W/Channel Class A/B
• 25W/Channel Class A
• New linear supply and audio circuitry using Lateral MOSFET outputs
• Furutech connectors
• Optional rack mount kit

Mono Power Amplifier
Designed to take control of even the most difficult loudspeaker, effortlessly making it sound exactly as it should.
• 300W/Channel Class A/B
• 30W/Channel Class A
• New linear supply and audio circuitry using Lateral MOSFET outputs
• Furutech connectors
• Optional rack mount kit

ROOM 207 - floor 2
With Dimex and Melco Audio, discover the original and uncompromised, ​HiRes Audiophile NAS, Streamer, Digital Music Player into DAC. Pure and simple.

Room London, floor 0, Latham Audio will introduce you to the latest news from Naim Audio.

For example, the new SuperNait 3 in combination with the network drive NDX 2. This strong combination will surprise you! All this is connected to the Neat Acoustics Ekstra speaker combo.


Major performance upgrades and now with added love for vinyl.

In the six years since the last NAIT integrated amplifiers were released, our research and development team have worked on a range of amplifier improvements. The result is upgraded power amplifier sections for SUPERNAIT 3, delivering greater pace and intimacy to their musical delivery – whether it's driving a pair of loudspeakers or your favourite pair of headphones.

SUPERNAIT 3 has received significant performance upgrades, including a built-in phono stage, making it a perfect partner for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source people want to enjoy with the signature Naim sound.

It also includes a Class A preamp output stage which doubles as a headphone amplifier and ceramic heatsink technology that minimises capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors for optimum sound quality.

Its inputs are each individually decoupled and hand-wired to minimise noise and interference while internal switching employs ultra-low-noise, constant current sources which are derived directly from the electronic design of the flagship NAC 552 preamplifier.

The SUPERNAIT 3 can be upgraded with our external power supplies, power amplifiers and even cabling upgrades to get the best from all sources.

Streamlined connectivity from an exceptionally engaging network player

With its world-class performance, the versatile and upgradable NDX 2 embodies the current state of the art. A host of features such as high-res UPnPTM streaming, AirPlay, Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth (aptX HD), Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Roon compatibility, vTuner internet radio and multiroom streaming as well as digital and USB inputs provide all the connectivity you could wish for.

Our main focus in developing the NDX 2 network player, however, was its performance. Along with Naim’s bespoke streaming platform, we implemented an upgraded DAC and discrete analogue stages. These and numerous other improvements over its acclaimed predecessor make the NDX 2 a sonic force to be reckoned with, offering highly immersive and lively replay quality.


This elegant new design uses the configuration first exploited in the prestige Neat Ultimatum XL6 loudspeaker. The top section is sealed off from the lower, and incorporates two sealed chambers, operating as a two-way infinite baffle loudspeaker. A 50mm ribbon-type tweeter and 134mm bass/midrange unit are both mounted on a specially profiled sub-baffle, attached to the main cabinet via a de-coupling polyethylene membrane.

Upper section:
The tweeter is a ribbon type which delivers tremendous dynamic expression without compression. The bass/mid drive unit has also been used in the award-winning Neat Motive and Iota Alpha models. It has a treated paper cone with a flared profile. The carefully-judged crossover network allows superb integration of these units.

Lower section:
The lower, ported, section of the EKSTRA houses not one, but two of the 134mm bass drive units. One unit is located on the bottom panel, facing the floor, whilst the second is located internally, directly above the first, in a sealed iso-baric arrangement, handling only low frequencies and acting as an integral subwoofer system. The low-Q port is specially tuned to enable close to wall placement of the speaker in most rooms.


Iso-baric loading allows deep, well controlled LF performance from a compact enclosure. This system takes great skill to execute correctly, and the very successful implementation in several of our other models means that we can approach this new design with confidence.
The EKSTRA is very slim, at 17cm wide, and 110cm tall. The footprint is exceptionally small, so it can be positioned in very tight situations if required.

Combining these elements ensures that the EKSTRA delivers a compelling portrayal of all types of music. Like many Neat models, it delivers a full-bodied and agile presentation with a huge soundstage, which projects far beyond the modest confines of the cabinet.


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