With RTBF radio Classic 21 #Classic21

Room Sydney - floor 1


With DALI's 35+ years of experience in creating high quality loudspeakers, we decided to use our passion and expertise to create the wireless DALI IO-4 & DALI IO-6 - dedicated to today’s music lovers.

With our passion for music reproduction, we were convinced that we could do with headphones what we have done with speakers; provide a better sounding product that delivers music experiences superior to the established competition.

Headphones are essentially a pair of small loudspeakers mounted on your head. They are your personal set of portable hi-fi speakers that enable you to take that authentic DALI sound with you wherever you go.

The DALI IO-4's are intended to be the perfect travel companion for those ‘on the go’ situations.

The DALI IO-6 with Active Noise Cancellation are intended to be the perfect travel companion for those ‘on the go’ situations.

DALI Loudspeakers

Room 202 - floor 2

Russell K Loudspeakers Red 50 and RED 120

"With a combined Hi-Fi industry experience of more than 50 years the Russell K team introduces loudspeaker systems designed to sound like the real thing at affordable prices."

Russell K is a British Company that designs and builds Precision Audio Loudspeaker Systems. We are totally focused on producing the most authentic and believable sound possible. The web site contains details of some of the technologies used and also a number of independent reviews, which are reproduced in full.

"Personally I hope you find our site interesting and are inspired to seek out our speaker systems for an audition You are most welcome to get in touch by filling out the contact us section We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Russell Kauffman"

Room 211 - floor 2

"Maison Charlin", present the new line Stars, high-end cable by Roboli Design.

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BluOS is the most advanced network streaming and multi-room operating system available. Part of a growing ecosystem of compatible products, BluOS tightly integrates hardware and software for an unbeatable user experience. The only wireless high-resolution multi-room system available today, BluOS supports the new standard for high res streaming, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). With support for over 15 free and paid subscription services, as well as supporting locally stored music libraries, BluOS makes the M10 incredibly versatile. Adding additional rooms is easy and affordable using Bluesound’s all-in-one speakers, or you can add premium components from NAD, DALI, and others to provide amazing sound throughout your home.

NAD C658
Introducing the NAD C 658
Redefining the Architecture of Hi-Fi Playback

As we move deeper into the 21st Century the way music is distributed and enjoyed continues to evolve away from physical media to streaming. It also has moved away from analog to digital. The C 658 has incorporated these fundamental truths to create an entirely new type of component that combines a Network Streamer, a state-of-the art DAC, and many aspects of the traditional Preamplifier into a single highly cost effective package. And thanks to NAD’s exclusive Modular Design Construction, it will keep pace with the latest technology, not yet introduced, but inevitably coming in the future. In fact, an optional HDMI 4k switcher module is available now allowing the best sound from any of the many HDMI sources available (like game consoles and video STBs). While the C 658 immediately replaces (or adds) your Streamer, DAC, and Preamp, it also adds many new features you may not be aware of, like a Bluetooth aptX HD transmitter to use with your wireless headphones. The highly flexible outputs allow for a true balanced connection to powered speakers or amplifiers. Single-ended connections for amplifiers and subwoofers are also provided and include an adjustable subwoofer crossover executed perfectly in the digital domain. A highly sophisticated MM Phono input is also included along with line inputs for legacy analog components.

NAD T778
Renowned Brand Combines Legendary Amplifier Technology with Full Suite of Latest Digital Technologies in User-Friendly Format.

The T 778 features the latest developments in NAD’s Hybrid Digital technology to create 9 high current/high power channels of amplification with improved efficiency. Designed with NAD’s full-disclosure approach to power ratings, the NAD AVR conservatively delivers 9 X 100W FTC and 9 x 80W FDP, all channels driven at rated distortion. For flexibility, the amp channels are configurable to be used for surround or second zone audio. The silent black background and explosive dynamics afforded by this amplifier technology add lifelike realism, drama and excitement to all your music and movies.

A low profile 3U rack-mount chassis and TFT touch display combine with certified driver support for all major control systems to make the T 778 the perfect choice for advanced custom home theatres. The T 778 is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology.

NAD Electronics

Room 211 - floor 2

Living Voice was established in 1991 and is based in Derbyshire, England.

“It no longer really makes sense to talk about the sound itself but rather how absolutely wonderful the music becomes.I’ve never had such a completely revelatory and unexpected experience in my home audio life.”
6Moons, OBX-RW 2006 horn-sketch

At the high-end of audio design, art and science merge. The most revered audio designers are no longer strictly concerned with the objective world of measurements and specifications. Instead they explore the world of human expression and human sentiment as captured in the recorded musical performance. This is an exploration guided not by machines and technology, but by tacit knowledge, intuition and musical sensibility.

There is a vast legacy of music captured on recordings dating back to the beginning of the last century. These recordings allow us to see into the times and the minds of the music’s composers and performers with a remarkable sensitivity and clarity. Music conveys the subtlety and fathomless depths of human experience and is one of our most profound and affecting art forms.

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The DALI KATCH ONE soundbar combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. Experience movies, music and gaming like you’ve never heard them before. Take your home entertainment to a new level with DALI KATCH ONE, our first dedicated TV soundbar.

As TVs get larger, the space for quality audio systems gets even smaller. With slim profiles in vogue, audio performance is the first to suffer. For viewers that demand their TV sound to be just as sharp as the picture, DALI has created the KATCH ONE. A stylish, complete one-stop soundbar that upgrades the whole TV experience by adding that missing audio excellence.

Designed to enhance TV audio but engineered to improve music from any source, the DALI KATCH ONE has the power to perform as your main audio system. The faultless audio performance is testament to DALI's nearly four decade long experience in high-end Hi-Fi production, focusing on creating the most natural-sounding speakers on the market, recreating music just as the artist intended.

Featuring a chic, compact design, the DALI KATCH ONE features no fewer than 10 built-in drivers, perfectly matched with a powerful 4x 50W amplifier. This ensures that movie soundtracks are always sweepingly dynamic, that dialogue is always crisp and clear, and music is beautifully balanced and exactly as the creator intended.

With soft dome tweeters keeping sound clean and detailed, four large passive drivers work alongside four active woofers to deliver bass that's tight, punchy and precise, all combining to providing the perfect audio experience.

Elegant and easy to install, the DALI KATCH ONE comes with all the inputs you could ever need, including HDMI, 2x Optical, Analogue, not to mention Bluetooth (AAC and aptX).

Room 214 - floor 2, AudioNec present the new EVO LINE,

with the EVO-1 and

  • Lampizator Golden Gate II DAC
  • AudioNec STV5-Signature server,
  • Kora TB 200 amplifier
  • Eureka Esprit cables

AudioNec EVO Line

The new AudioNec Evo Speaker Line, implements the new wideband driver Duopole DS.31™ whose height is only 31 cm.

This new driver benefits from the qualities of its famous elder, which have allowed AudioNec being at the top of the qualitative pyramid in terms of sound reproduction.

As its name suggests, the new Evo range introduces the concept of speaker system scalability. With its small size, the Duopole DS.31 opens the door to modular speakers. This new range offers four levels, ranging from a solution costing less than 20 K€ to a non-standard system without compromise.

These four levels are designed in a modular way so that the user can build his speaker system by acquiring a starting set and later complete with one or more modules to achieve a superior setting.

This way, from a more affordable starting point, AudioNec offers its customers the opportunity to “grow” their speaker system over the years to reach the very best sound reproduction quality one can dream of.

The standard Evo Speakers implement passive crossovers that allow bi-amplification.

The “AS” versions correspond to “Active Subwoofer”, for which the subwoofers are amplified and filtered actively. The Signature versions implement the AudioNec DSPV4 that offers system optimization, acoustic room correction, digital crossovers, and low amplification.

AudioNec EVO # 1

Small & Strong

Compact and simple, the friendly Evo.1 is able to play fascinating music thanks to its wide-band DS31 DuoPole™ driver shared with all speakers of the range.

Evo.1 benefits of all the strengths of its elders, making it immediately recognizable as an AudioNec’s speaker.

The Evo.1 lays the foundation of the AudioNec’s Evo speakers system, for most of it’s owners it is an achievement bringing them to the Audiophile Nirvana, for some it is simply the entry door to the next level with the Evo.2.


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